Make your podcast stand out among the rest. Quality audio is just as important as quality content. You press record and I’ll handle the rest. Let’s take your podcast to the next level.

EQRemove any annoying, harsh frequencies that stand out and hurt your ears while boosting the pleasant ones to make your voice sound clear and crisp

Dynamic Range Adjustment Making the louder parts quieter and the quiet parts louder for a more balanced, enjoyable listening experience

Background Noise Removal Get rid of that hum, air conditioner, traffic/street noise, or any noisy neighbor from the background of your recording to sound like you’re in a professional studio

De-ReverbRemove any echos or sound reflections from your recording that would otherwise sound like you recorded in a cave, or giant empty room

De-EsserRemoving the harsh -sss sounds from your voice (think Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore. That -s sound)

Zoom Call RestorationGeneral clean up of audio recorded directly from Zoom

Mix- Bus ProcessingBlending audio tracks recorded in different locations on different microphones to sound cohesive like you’re in the same room together (no one will know you’re in different cities!)

Mastering Final adjustments and optimization to bring the audio to broadcast standards for Spotify, Apple Music/Podcasts, YouTube, etc. (wherever you post your podcasts)

Original MusicOriginal 1 of 1 music composed by me just for you (custom tailored to your podcast) for your intro or outro that won’t be copyright claimed